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Northcon Projects: All Projects

All Featured Projects

Click on the image to view all Northcon featured projects. The pertinent Infomation about each project is included, but please contact Northcon if you would like more information.

Northcon Projects: New Construction

New Construction

Northcon also has broad experience in new construction. Our projects include: custom office buildings, training enforcement docks and walkways, and border station work of security protection drive lanes.

Northcon Projects: Renovation/Remodel

Renovation / Remodel

Northcon has completed renovation and remodel projects nationwide, for federal and non-federal customers. We have matched historical profiles and existing buildings, and included anti-terrorism features such as security screening stations and border security cameras.

Northcon Projects: Water


Northcon has successfully completed a variety of water projects from fish ladders to docks. We have provided projects that include; fish screens, fish passages, controlled fish traps and fish resting pools, and work on a fixed pier and floating dock.

Northcon’s Portfolio Includes ID/IQ Contracts for Clients Across the Nation :

Air National Guard
Dept. of Homeland Security
General Services Administration
US Air Force
US Army Corps of Engineers
US Fish & Wildlife Service

The projects performed under these ID/IQ task orders cover a full range of construction, renovation and remodeling. In addition to our ID/IQ contracts, Northcon has completed a number of stand-alone projects that cover Renovation/Remodel, New Construction, & Water Projects.

Our strength of performance is founded in combining highly skilled staff with sound, mature processes that mitigate projects risks, allowing us to effectively alleviate the potential for schedule delays & cost overruns. Northcon believes in total customer satisfaction & works closely with its customers to complete high quality projects on-time and on-budget.

“In all projects, Northcon has conducted their business above reproach and maintained excellent communication with the COs, CORs and inspectors, providing timely responses to any issues and concerns to ensure that the project would remain on schedule and within budgets.”

~ Fred A. Fischer   Retired, Sup. Contract Specialist, IMAT, Idaho Panhandle National Forests

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