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Northcon Partners

Northcon strives to establish and maintain long-term partnerships with our subcontractors and suppliers. Our focus is to work with subcontractors and suppliers as a partner to deliver the highest levels of safety and quality, assure on-time delivery of our projects and achieve outstanding levels of customer satisfaction.

As a small business concern, Northcon recognizes the value of working with other small and disadvantaged businesses. We believe in supporting the growth of small businesses in all areas including:


If you are a subcontractor or supplier and would like to partner with Northcon, please click on the applicable links below.

Subcontractor & Supplier Qualification Form

Qualification Form

Please click on the image and complete the Subcontractor & Supplier Qualification Form. Note: All required fields must be completed for the form to Submit.

Subcontractor & Supplier Qualification Form

The Plan Room

Click on the image to access Northcon’s secure ‘Plan Room’ for sharing files. Your username and password are required to upload or download files to your folder.

Subcontractor & Supplier Qualification Form

Submit a Bid

Click on the image to submit a bid to Northcon.

Subcontractor & Supplier Qualification Form


Contact us if you have questions about the qualification form, Plan Room, or about submitting a bid to Northcon.

“In all projects, Northcon has conducted their business above reproach and maintained excellent communication with the COs, CORs and inspectors, providing timely responses to any issues and concerns to ensure that the project would remain on schedule and within budgets.”
~ Fred A. Fischer   Retired, Sup. Contract Specialist, IMAT, Idaho Panhandle National Forests

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